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Translation and editorial services
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We partner with many businesses, large and small, anywhere in the world, with a wide range of editorial and content creation services.

We help your business craft great content with high editorial standards.


Editing or translation by an experienced linguist in the market concerned means that all the local subtleties of a website, product or advertising campaign can be taken into account. This ensures your company is not making any unnecessary faux pas that could damage your brand and your reputation. Our editors and translators consistently provide high-quality, localised copy.

Our team works alongside yours, using the tools you are familiar with and delivering on time and on brief. We ensure you reach the audience you need to – locally or globally.


Translation and regionalisation

We ensure your copy is translated and edited by native speakers who know the language, culture and touchstones for the local market, and can spot potential pitfalls when translating from one market to another. This protects your company's brand and your reputation as you make your way into international markets. Our head office is in the United Kingdom and we have native translators, writers and editors in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, Canada (French and English), Central America and South America, Arabic-speaking countries, and several more markets. ​​ ​Whatever language we're working in, our editors and translators consistently provide high-quality, regionalised content. Our technical proficiency means we can carry out projects in any number of specialist software applications, or simply in Word or Excel. As well as translation and regionalisation, our linguists also work on post-editing of machine translations, to ensure human quality, tone and accuracy of your machine-translated copy.

Editing & proofing

Editing and proofreading will help you get your message across clearly and eloquently, therefore reinforcing your company's reputation and brand. It's an essential step for any piece of text that will be published. Editing ensures that your copy is polished and gives the right impression to potential clients. Our background is editorial so our editorial team have a trained and keen eye for spotting errors/inconsistencies in text and for rewriting awkward passages. We specialise in rewriting, copy-editing and proofreading for large and small companies and institutions. If your text has errors in it readers will doubt the professionalism of your brand. Consistency is key for any product or brand, and an editor will help ensure that your writing style is uniform and has the tone of voice that represents your business. Our team copy-edit and proof all kinds of text, from web copy and articles to trivia questions, help files and educational software. We can also carry out post-editing of your machine translations.

Creating content

We offer content creation services to top companies and institutions, operating locally and internationally. We will assemble multi-market teams of talented people to develop and finalise your content. Whether you want data, articles, a trivia board game, educational software, a complete website, help files or an occasional content update, our talented and experienced teams will work with you to identify your needs and create content you can be proud of. With a wide range of subject matter expertise we will take your brief and provide content that is fully researched to meet your needs precisely. We ensure the language in your copy is as clear as possible and speaks to your target audience.​ Whatever the format and whatever the style, we offer quality content to ensure you have a brand you're proud of.

Testing software and devices

We offer testing and editing solutions that enable you to create, release, manage and maintain your technology applications and web content globally. Our digital expertise ensures we can advise on user interface and experience, looking at how software is navigated and engaged with by users, to help you create tools and platforms that your clients love to use.

Bespoke project management

Over decades, we have established an excellent reputation for information-based consultancy and the management of complex international projects on behalf of major coporations. We have headquarters in London and close collaborators across the world, with a reliable network of contacts and access to resources in global markets. Our directors and senior staff are ideally placed to advise on all aspects – creative and commercial – of content-focused businesses. We oversee multi-market content and editorial projects so that you don't have to do the running, to ensure your project runs efficiently and smoothly, on time and with one point of contact who will keep you updated.

Supporting marketing teams

Your website and marketing copy is your shop front: editing ensures that it’s neat, tidy and gives the right impression to potential clients. We will ensure consistency throughout your copy. Editing is a different skillset to marketing, so marketing departments use our team of editors and proofreaders to fill the editorial gap in their own team and ensure their copy is grammatically correct, clearly written and factually accurate, as well as making sure the principal aims come across. Our ability to grasp a complex brief and get under the skin of a client's brand and mission means that we're able to work with in-house marketing teams to produce high-quality, on-brand content for a variety of media. We can provide text for websites, printed materials, social media, PR content and much more. Clients often think of us as an extension to their marketing department rather than an external supplier, and we feel proud to be considered in this light.

Annual report editing

We will edit and proof your annual report to ensure the final version is free of mistakes and communicates your key messages clearly. Sections of text in annual reports often originate from different authors, so our editorial team will copy-edit to deliver a consistent voice across the whole of your report. We'll supply a document that is formatted correctly for layout and results in a professional report for your business or non-profit.

English localisation

Or should that be localization, with a Z? We know what language choices to make so that your content feels local and made for the target audience. All Englishes are not the same and if you want your content to resonate with the locals, the English must be localised by a native editor. Every market has different cultural touchstones and spellings, so localising your English copy means your product feels like it was actually designed for the people who will use it. Our editorial team are very experienced at working across different English markets to localise text and will edit, adapt and rewrite your copy to suit the country it is released in. ​We localise copy for a range of English variants (American, British, Canadian, Australian, Indian, South African, New Zealand, Singapore, Middle East, Malaysian, Irish and International English) for leading businesses. Whatever English we're working in, our editors and translators consistently provide the premium, regionalised content your business needs to succeed.

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