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Managing complex international projects on behalf of clients from a range of industries, with international teams working on bespoke, multilingual projects worldwide. We partner with you to ensure that all local requirements are met, providing and managing teams of talented people to develop your content from start to finish.

Blue skyscraper viewed from below to demonstrate strategic project management for technology corporations


Overseeing complex, strategic projects for leading technology corporations such as Microsoft and Yahoo!. Content development in multiple markets, translation and localisation of help files, advertising platform services, map base data, and user interface and experience testing. Facilitation of your large projects, delivering what you need, on time and on budget.

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Yellow metal dimples on a train tunnel wall to represent e-learning and EdTech content development

E-learning and EdTech

Creating, reviewing and proofreading content for e-learning providers. Helping schools, colleges, universities, teachers and pupils to enhance learning with a range of tools, including assessments, websites, learning platforms and webinars. Partner with us to benefit from our long background in educational reference products, such as Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

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Ed Tech
Public Sector
Turquoise glass roof representing editorial services for the public sector

Public sector

Editorial services for public sector bodies, charities and local government clients. Copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading at short notice and with fast turnaround, ensuring that your reports, documents, web copy and marketing materials are formatted correctly, grammatically correct, consistent and in accessible, inclusive language.

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Multi-coloured roof tiles to represent arts and culture content development

Arts and culture

With our sister company, The Content Creation Company, we partner with museums, fashion houses, publishers and artists to write, edit and translate cultural texts, including catalogues and text panels. Clients include France Muséums, the Horniman MuseumNPUAE, and Kaph Books, to bring cultural texts to life for everyone, using clear and informative language.

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Yellow metal rooftop design to represent content and editorial marketing support


Editing international campaigns and commercial article content for brands including Fortnite, Kellogg's, Manchester City and DS Automobiles for major content corporations and marketing agencies. Following your brand guidelines, we support your marketing department with copywriting, translation, transcreation and  localisation, copy-editing and proofreading.

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White discs on a dark rooftop to represent content development in games and apps

Games and apps

Supporting major global toy brands with teams who create your games content. Writing questions, fact-checking, editing and layout proofing. Creation and regionalisation of content for trivia apps, crossword apps, board games, strategy games and party games. In-market teams of experienced specialist linguists ensure you get a fun and accurate finished product.

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Close-up of green grass to represent editorial services in the sustainability field (pun intended)


With our sister company, The Content Creation Company, writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading of social-ecological reports and papers, annual reports and journal articles for NGOs, academic institutions and private companies in the social-ecological and ecological economics research areas.

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