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What is ADVISOR™?

Learn more about LLM in AI and Websters' language service for polishing and verifying AI-generated content and machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

ADVISOR AI service logo, with Websters icon of coloured circles connected by lines

ADVISOR is the language service from Websters International that will enable you to get the best for your written copy out of Large Language Models (LLMs) of Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT and Bard, while ameliorating the risks of using a machine – by introducing expert human intervention.

What are LLMs?

LLMs have been rightly causing a stir in the language service industry since ChatGPT-3 was first released in November 2022. It works by splitting words into a binary code and by training – in some cases on the full extent of the internet: it guesses what word would make a good fit to come next. And it is getting pretty good at guessing.

AI now offers productivity savings in many fields, opening up many areas previously restricted by knowledge and tools to the general user. However, this brings risks and threats as well as opportunities. How can you be sure that what is produced by AI is factually correct? The current models continue to “hallucinate” – or if we’re going to use a human emotive term – they lie, often making facts up. The models produce text that is generic, anaemic even, and they do not take into account your own company’s style and brand identity. Used as a translator, LLMs like ChatGPT can give you an idea of text but by most studies this is less accurate than Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models already used by many translation companies.

Beyond the blank page

The flashing cursor at the top left-hand corner of the new Word document is the bane of many a copywriter’s life. LLMs offer a great way to get beyond that as a source for recommendations for research and offering a structure for the content. But they are fed on content that is old and unverified, whereas the content that most copywriters create is new. Further, copywriters write to appeal to humans, and are alive to clichés and platitudes. That is why not everyone’s a writer, and the best writers are aware of the changing nature of language. Language is nuanced and delicate – and used in the right way is a powerful instrument. If you are happy to work with LLM-generated content but want the reassurance that your content is accurate and speaks to your human audience, our ADVISOR service deploys the wealth of Websters’ experience and knowledge to ensure that your AI-generated content reflects well upon your company and will not damage your brand.


LLMs are only as good as the information you ask them to work with. The greater the level of research to prime the machine, the better the outcome. And although they use natural language there are still better ways of asking the question to get the result you want. You can use the ADVISOR service to access our extensive experience in producing the best possible output for your intended results, from copywriting to translation to editorial. Controlling the quality of input will control the quality of your output.

Facts and text

The text produced by LLMs is at first glance tremendously impressive – from only a few, careful queries the systems can produce impressive lists of information. But begin to interrogate that text and the shiny veneer quickly tarnishes. The writing can be repetitive, clichéd and derivative of the work of other writers. If the LLM doesn’t know something, it will just make it up – or even when a fact can be easily verified, it can still choose the wrong information. At Websters, we can take that output text and transform it using human verification and linguistic skills.

Our experience

At Websters we have decades of experience in writing and editing content as well as checking facts – for trivia games, journal articles, online writing and reference products including an encyclopedia. Neural machine translation (NMT) has been around for about a decade. AI is not new to us – we’ve been doing machine translation post-editing (MTPE) of NMT-generated content in multiple languages for nearly a decade. This means that the translation output is corrected for the local market as well as for the context of the content. And even now NMT continues to pass through human hands. For AI-generated content, ADVISOR retains human input and oversight on your content, because to us, your content and its impact matter.

To find out more about our ADVISOR service and how Websters can help you perfect your content, contact us directly.

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