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Creating engaging content for a trivia game expanding into new markets

Bezzerwizzer explain why they value working with Websters.

Bezzerwizzer board game with tiles and playing pieces to illustrate case study of creating content for Bezzerwizzer

"We were in need of a qualified partner who could create questions for our trivia game BEZZERWIZZER for various markets outside of Scandinavia. We spent a lot more resources on managing localization processes than we wished to, as our former partners didn’t deliver the quality we hoped for.

We found Websters, a partner who could take care of the whole question development process – from generating ideas and translating existing questions to developing new questions, fact checking, copy-editing, proofreading etc. And we started to use Websters for other games and other purposes as well, since we know that the quality delivered is very high.

This has reduced the amount of time that we normally spend on managing localization projects. We are able to develop and deliver games quicker to our buyers around the world, as we now have a reliable partner in almost any language. We are especially happy with Websters’ ability to always deliver well in time for a deadline, as well as being able to do express deliveries when we need it."

Camilla Lauridsen, Chief Editor, Bezzerwizzer Nordic ApS

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