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Beyond translation: conquering the challenge of data-gathering in multiple markets

Discover how our efficient project management and customised processes revolutionised public transit data collection across international markets, transforming the user experience for a major tech provider's mapping service.

Map of the world with land in blue and sea in white to illustrate international data project for big tech company

We were approached by a major tech provider in 2014 to complete a large, complex data-gathering project for their mapping service. The aim of the project was to collect public transport data for several international markets, including France, Brazil, Germany and Spain. Such a project had never previously been attempted by this organisation, so the Websters International project management team had to prove the concept, build teams of in-country resources and develop a set of processes to enable the accurate collection, ingestion and tracking of all transit data collected.

Through our efficient project management skills, vast network of language specialists and our ability to devise bespoke project processes, we compiled a high-quality team that was briefed and ready to go within two weeks of the proof of concept. While human translation and communication are at the heart of the project, our work delves further into the world of data acquisition, quality management and cataloguing.

Led by one of our experienced project managers, our subject-matter experts act as custodians of the data they are collecting in order to ensure end users receive the highest quality experience when using the services. Through efficient processes, we’ve taken the stress out of project management for our client and become a reliable, valued partner over the years.

During the early stages of the project – and beyond – we have continued to evolve project processes to ensure the most effective solutions and delivery of the customer’s demands. In fact, our collaboration has been so successful that it was subsequently extended to cover additional markets including Poland, Mexico and Chile. This meant we had to quickly scale up and locate experts in these new markets in order to hit business-critical targets.

Nearly ten years on and this project has showcased Websters’ core values of flexibility and support to harness the power of language to deliver outstanding results. We’re continuing to scale up our service offering into other global markets, which is possible because of the premium language experts and project managers that Websters deploys.

Ready to elevate your data gathering and project management capabilities? Book a call today to discover how our expertise in efficient project management across international markets can empower your business and enhance your customer experience.

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