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Innovation in education: transforming e-learning content

UK and international e-learning provider GL Assessment values working with Websters on content development, assessments and reviews. In this testimonial, read a firsthand account of how Websters delivers quality and expertise in educational content and project management.

Close-up of a metal building exterior in purple and silver to illustrate innovation in e-learning content development

"We have been working with Websters for almost three years on a diverse range of projects. The quality from the point of engagement to the end of each project has been superb.

We have used Websters for a range of content development projects, including careful authoring of new reading comprehension passages. We needed a literacy specialist to work with us on new content development. My primary concern was quality of content and the collaboration with the project team. After working with Websters on other projects, I have confidence in their service offering.

Each project we undertake is somewhat unique. This project involved multiple external stakeholders, including Websters. This is something that can go easily wrong. The result was quite the opposite, and I am confident we could repeat this approach, working alongside Websters. The best things about working with Websters are their quality, dependability and pace of delivery."

Samantha Tummey, Head of Product Delivery and Content at GL Assessment

To find out more about how Websters can become an extension to your content department, contact us.

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