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How Websters transformed a travel writing team

Discover how our collaboration with a leading copywriting company revolutionised their travel writing department by providing them with a seamless solution for sourcing experienced copywriters, all while staying within budget and saving valuable time.

View of colourful hillside houses on a coastal outcrop, with sea water around them to illustrate travel copywriting

"When our company needed several copywriters with experience in travel writing, quickly and within our target budget, we turned to Websters International. Identifying and recruiting directly was costing us time, effort and money. Working with Websters saved us both time and cost, as well as the assurance that we only pay for the time we need the support.

The best thing about working with Websters was their responsiveness and the fact that we could go to one partner to fulfil the majority of our needs, in multiple subject areas. As a result of our collaboration, we can now call on a pool of experienced writers quickly, making our team more flexible and responsive, and achieving improvements to our workflow. We highly recommend Websters International for your writing and editorial needs."

Global Program Director at a world-leading content organisation

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