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Conquering global markets by adapting board games content

A testimonial from a leading toy and games company on how working long-term with Websters enables them to engage with players in worldwide communities.

Colourful chess pieces against a blue background to illustrate localisation of board games content in multiple markets

"Our products often include language and cultural nuances that are essential to the experience. While we are a global company, our US-based development team is not equipped to adapt this content for other markets. We need content localized, created, edited, fact-checked, and tested by in-market experts in order to launch outside the US.

This need for content localization creates a barrier to entry for many markets. We have to resort to translation—risking content being inaccurate or culturally irrelevant—or drop the language variant entirely.

Working with the incredible team at Websters International, we’ve successfully adapted our US products for various other markets. We’ve even created products for country-specific launches thanks to Websters’ in-market writing, editorial, and consumer product testing services. Most importantly, we can trust that the integrity of the consumer experience translates: Websters always meet our expectations of accurate, authentic, fun, and culturally-relevant content.

Perhaps the only thing better than the quality of content is the Websters team. They are a true pleasure to work with—creative, responsive, transparent, and always up for a challenge!

While Websters has been a long-time partner in improving our localization workflow, they’ve most recently helped us established new best practices for developing and testing products exclusively for non-US markets. They have also been a valuable resource for US lead content creation, allowing us to streamline vendor management through their network of writers and editors.

I highly recommend Websters International for your writing, editorial, translation, and localization needs!"

Content Developer, global toy company

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