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Rapid localisation solutions: resolving capacity issues for major corporations

Read on to find out how our expertise and rapid scalability in localisation saved a major corporation's long-term contract, ensuring timely delivery and building client confidence for future growth opportunities.

Looking up from below at blue sky through a circular metal sculpture surrounded by skyscrapers, to illustrate global localisation solutions

Kunal is a project coordinator at a major language service provider (LSP). His team manages the localisation and translation of the help and marketing content for a major technology company. He takes up the story: “We were failing to meet our KPIs for our client in the first quarter. We were hitting massive capacity constraints on our English localisation work – in particular on English for the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.”

In the period of the aftermath of the pandemic, clients were beginning to look at the quality of the product they were receiving and the timeliness of delivery. The LSP had already lost one major client to a more agile competitor. They were under pressure to deliver or risk losing out on the continuation of a major long-term contract.

Websters had been a trusted long-term collaborator with Kunal and his team on a small scale. So when his call went out for the need for more linguists, we were happy to contribute our expertise. We were able to call on our extensive pool of high-quality and trusted localisers, the majority of whom have worked for us for many years. Our knowledge of the bespoke tools meant we could quickly and efficiently train up linguists in the technical requirements of the project. The experienced Websters’ project manager passed on the style and quality requirements to those new to the project. And the joy of having one project manager guaranteed consistency and quality.

Within ten days Websters was able to expand our commitment to the project from handling around 20,000 words of localisation in a week to over 100,000, with 840,000 words delivered within three months.

Back to Kunal: “You can rely on Websters as they are very committed towards their work and always help to deliver tasks before the deadline. Gaining the trust of the client is very tough but Websters’ ability to ramp up quickly to help us past our pain points and continue to deliver tasks without compromising quality secured the current contract and gained the client’s confidence for getting new projects and opportunities to grow together.”

Are you seeking to elevate your localisation capacity and establish a long-term partnership built on trust and excellence? Experience the transformative power of agile localisation with Websters: contact us today to discuss how our rapid scalability, linguistic expertise and unwavering commitment to quality can help you overcome challenges, meet your localisation goals and drive your business forward.

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