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Websters International recruits and works with talented freelance editors, writers and translators.

Our diverse team specialises in content creation, editing, proofing, and marketing for the technology sector, top games companies and other significant global and local clients.


​We are always looking for high-quality CVs from online publishing, editorial and marketing professionals interested in working for Websters and our clients.


If you're a creative writer with a passion for trivia or with marketing expertise, a translator, editor or proofreader with an eagle eye and a great work ethic, then we'd love to hear more about you. We work with freelancers in all markets around the world.

To get in touch, please fill in the contact form or email us on

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We are hiring!

If you'd like to apply for the role of editorial assistant, go to the job ad and follow the application process there. Please note we are only accepting applications via that route, and not via email.


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Directions to Websters


Unit 507

Metal Box Factory

30 Great Guildford Street

London SE1 0HS

Our offices are close to Tate Modern. The nearest mainline and Tube station is London Bridge. From the Tube, take the Borough High Street exit to the ticket hall and use the stairs if you can (rather than the escalator) to street level; you will emerge outside Borough Market. If you take the escalator, cross over the main road to reach Borough Market.

From there, go down Southwark Street alongside a beautiful curved building on your right-hand side – the Hop Exchange. Carry on down Southwark Street, over Southwark Bridge Road and cross over to the left-hand side at the traffic light. Keep going and Great Guildford Street will be on your left, with the Metal Box Factory a short way down the road.


Ring the buzzer for 507 and a member of our team will come down to greet you.