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Quality, integrity and reliability are our guiding principles. Our clients are always happy with the end result – and the way we get there.

Websters International is a global content and editorial provider. We have a wealth of experience partnering with top technology corporations, ed tech brands, international toy companies, local businesses, UK local government and other sectors. We're a small company with big reach and decades of expertise.

Why choose Websters for your content management?

Our major international clients and partners include top toy and games companies, marketing departments of businesses around the world, and technology corporations such as Microsoft. Our experienced project managers select the best people, based in-country, from our global network of highly skilled, reliable professionals to work on your product or service.

Content from Websters' editorial staff around the world can be found all over the internet and we take great pride in delivering material of the highest quality at competitive rates every time.


Whatever content you are looking for, we offer affordable and fast help for your business.

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Why choose Websters for your translation and localisation?

As businesses operate in an ever-more global marketplace, your products and services need to reach new audiences. Websters International can help you achieve this.

Our network of trusted native translators and linguists, with specialisms in a variety of industry sectors, means that we offer high-quality, affordable translation services, ensuring your brand feels local to the locals.

We have proven experience in translation, regionalisation and localisation and work with many global corporations, including Verizon Media and Microsoft, helping them operate in worldwide markets. 

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Why do you need editorial and proofreading services?

Quality control of your copy is vital. Inconsistencies and factual and spelling errors undermine the professionalism of your brand. We help many businesses from a variety of industry sectors, large and small, with a wide range of exceptional editorial and content creation services.

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Where it all began

Adrian and Susannah Webster founded Websters International Publishers as a book publisher in 1983, initially specialising in wine and food publications, travel guides and international publishing consultancy. Websters established a leading reputation in the global marketplace for its content creation in those fields, and branched out into project management and consultancy.

Harnessing Websters’ editorial and design capabilities, Adrian also ran The Economist Books, The Organiser Company and Rodale Books International. He was for many years international publishing consultant to World Book and then to Microsoft, for whom he played a key role in the international establishment of Encarta Encyclopedia. For Websters he developed a hugely successful international wine book programme with Oz Clarke and other top authors, as well as Microsoft Wine Guide (CD-ROM), Vinsight (an MSN website) and the wine information content for WineToday.com (New York Times Digital).


Throughout their careers Adrian and Susannah have specialised in building content partnerships with major international companies and in 1993 they took Websters into a significant digital content management relationship with Microsoft and MSN, which continues to this day. Websters embarked on an ambitious project with Microsoft in the development of international editions of many information-oriented products, most notably Encarta Encyclopedia.

With offices based in London, Seattle, Paris, Madrid, Munich and Milan, this gave Websters a strong background in digital, educational and reference media. We expanded to work with other major technology companies and leading brands.

Websters divested its book publishing interests to Pavilion Books in 2007 to concentrate on digital content partnerships. In 2009 a majority interest in the company was sold to the long-term senior management. The other key directors, Jean-Luc Barbanneau, David Skinner and Alan Fennell, who helped build the company internationally, are still involved today as non-executive directors and company secretary. In 2021 a new and expanded board of directors was formed to include a new senior management team with long-term Websters managers.