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We have a strong track record in managing complex international projects on behalf of high-profile clients from a range of industry sectors.

Websters collaborates with major tech corporations, global toy manufacturers, major travel companies, TV and streaming services and many more global brands in a number of international markets.


We are skilled at recruiting and building international teams to work together in worldwide markets on multilingual projects. We partner with you and ensure that all local requirements are met.

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Our industry experience


We partner with the world's major technology corporations, including Microsoft. We are at the forefront of content creation, translation and localisation, and project management throughout the growth of the technology sector over the last few decades. We offer services such as:

  • creating content in multiple markets
  • localisation of help files
  • advertising platform services
  • mapping base data (including GTFS and GTFS-RT data)
  • user interface and experience testing
  • device and software testing
​​Our goal is to help our clients provide top-quality content and technology solutions to their users, wherever they are in the world. We collaborate with a network of experienced editors, translators, linguists, researchers, sales people and testers to make sure the end product is fit for purpose and tailored to local markets and audiences.

Toys, games & quizzes

We support major toy and games brands from around the world with their products by providing and managing teams of talented people to create content from start to finish – from researching and writing to fact-checking, editing and proofing in layout. We create and regionalise content for trivia apps, crossword apps, board games, strategy games and party games, and we can also provide questions for TV quizzes. We bring together in-market teams of experienced, specialist linguists who regularly collaborate and have developed strong professional relationships and effective working practices. We create content, questions and rules for world-famous games for adults and children in markets including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Our teams are project-managed centrally in order to ensure consistency across all markets. The project manager is heavily involved throughout the process with a good understanding of all aspects of the project, meaning that the client liaises with a single point of contact at Websters, rather than having to manage a number of individual content providers.

Local government

Websters' editorial team of copywriters, editors and proofreaders provide copywriting, proofreading and editorial services for charities and local government clients. Within local government frameworks, we work with communications teams to ensure your copy conforms to the style guide, is suited to the target audience, uses inclusive language and is accurate, clear, and free of errors. We deliver copy-editing and proofreading services at short notice and with fast turnaround, so you can be sure that your reports, documents, web copy and marketing materials are formatted correctly, are grammatically correct and consistent, and in accessible language. Our communications specialists support marketing departments in copywriting, editing and proofreading, following your brand guidelines and house style.

Education technology

We create and edit content for ed tech providers including GL Education, working on the technological tools used by schools, colleges, universities, teachers, pupils and their families to enhance learning. This includes websites, learning platforms, virtual lectures, webinars, downloadable resources and a whole lot more. We work closely with developers to provide content creation, editing, translation and localisation tailored to the subject matter and local market. It is a highly specialist sector that requires detailed knowledge as well as technological know-how and an understanding of the local educational system. With in-country content experts and a long background in educational reference products including Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, we are perfectly placed to partner with you in creating a product that you'll be proud of.

Marketing and comms

We support marketing departments and communications teams, delivering copywriting, editing and proofreading services. Our teams edit reports, web copy and marketing materials following house style and keeping to brand guidelines to ensure your copy reflects your brand and is free of errors. Your website and marketing copy is your shop front: editing and proofing ensures that it's error free and gives the right impression to potential clients. We work with in-house marketing teams to produce high-quality, on-brand content for a variety of media. Clients often think of us as an extension to their marketing department rather than an external supplier, and we feel proud to be considered in this light.