Whether the spec requires academic, intellectual trivia or contemporary, popular culture questions with an injection of humour, our editors have a flair for writing targeted content.

Since 2002 Websters' has worked in content creation and localisation on Cranium board games and toys, for adults and children in many languages. Following Hasbro's acquisition of Cranium, Inc. in 2008, Websters has collaborated with Hasbro on both Cranium and Trivial Pursuit editions in 23 international markets, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Websters is skilled in recruiting and building international teams to work together in new markets on multilingual projects. We liaise with the client to ensure that all market requirements are met in order that flawless, entertaining content is produced.

Our experienced, international teams create premium content and offer high-quality translation and editorial services from people who regularly work together. This ensures a personal service from individuals who care about the end product and pay attention to detail. Websters' teams are project-managed in order to ensure consistency across all markets. The project manager is heavily involved with a good understanding of all projects in order to minimise the time the client spends on communications with Websters, the content provider.

If you wish to talk to Websters about creating exceptional trivia content for your company, or if you're a creative writer with a passion for trivia, please contact us.